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8 Quick Ways to Build Customer Trust & Earn Loyalty

Building Customer Trust and Loyalty is not a day work, It a Process you must follow to have success for your business, Have you for ones ask yourself why do customer purchase my products or services and not the other person, It not about the name you bear, what make the difference is trust, If customer have an intention about your service or products of it meeting their needs or wants.

The success is not only you providing quality services or Products, without any customer those quality are effortless, Trust attract Customer to Business for Growth.

Some Business owners and Entrepreneurs underestimate the value of customer trust and Loyalty, their main interest is focus in bringing their products or services to the market, and The next question that pop up to me is that ‘What the essence of being in the market without Sales.

One TIME Or Another you are likely to have found yourself in a situation that you want to purchase a products or services,then you look for an existing user already to ask about their experience with it, references for you to make decision to buy it or not.

While some do go online on the company official page and search for the products or service Posts to read all existing user comments or reviews, ( If you offer quality products or services and still have customer that drop negative review or comments, don’t Panic there is an article for you to go through. Read Here: How to Handle Negative Review From Customers – 5 Effective Ways

New research by Push On suggests that a scarcity of consumer trust during a brand could also be delaying people from buying — or prompting them to buy elsewhere, Sometime to gain consumer trust is tough in a market that is very Competitive and easy to lose if any mistake occur — Building customer trust and loyalty is essential for business success

Always remember customer are emotion with their money,they are only ready to spend it on something that will meets their expectation, So that where the real work laid.

Let this question always bother you ”How to make Customer trust Me”, cause the main purpose of every business man is profits of which it can only be generated through sales and customer trust and loyalty has the ability to drive higher sales and increase Revenue Growth.

Trust Survey revealed only 39% believe tech companies put the welfare of consumers before profits. What’s more? Although 81% say trust impacts their purchasing decisions, only a 3rd of individuals say they trust the brands they buy. 41% say they don’t trust brands’ marketing communications to be accurate or truthful.

Those are some pretty concerning data And once customer trust is lost it’s hard to urge back.

Being consistent with Edelman’s survey Shows that 45% of consumers would never trust a brand again after it displays unethical behavior or is involved during a scandal and 40% say they’d stop buying from that brand altogether.

A lack of trust is often costly for instance the Cambridge Analytical scandal in September last year which revealed that Facebook handed over 87 million user profiles Facebook’s shares fell quite 24% and lost $134 billion in market price during a week Accenture reports that lack of trust costs brands $756 billion per annul

Ways To Build Customer Trust & Loyalty

1. Disclose How Customers data are Handle

First and foremost you would like to be transparent about how you’re handling customer data. As business are populating in creating webpage / e-commerce website to boost their business growth, Audience registers their Profile on your website, Also Saved their credit or debit card details there to make payment, So it very important you disclose to your customers how their data are handle, disclose it as a pop up notification on your homepage, Let them accept to the Consent. You can use Plugin on WordPress to do this, Plugin like GDPR Cookie Consent

California is spearheading the event of the latest laws that give consumers more control over their personal data and a company’s ability to get it — a standard practice among marketers.

For example, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)— almost like the E’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — will become in January requiring companies to disclose the private data they collect and the way that data is employed and to delete it upon a customer’s request

(Reputation.Com recently wrote a whitepaper on the regulation) This law will likely be a blueprint for other data privacy laws bound to emerge over the subsequent few years and it’s probably an honest idea to not rely solely on purchased data for marketing efforts anyway

Deloitte reports that 71% of purchased data is inaccurate Consumer-generated content and data that’s given freely like when customers fill out a form to download content answer a survey or leave a review on Google or Facebook is more direct and reliable social commentary and survey responses also are filled with information you’ll use to fine-tune your marketing efforts and develop really relevant messaging and content But companies got to do quite be in compliant with data privacy regulations.

2. Be Transparent

Build a reputation for transparency, In one study participants were asked to gauge organizations using an equivalent messaging around transparency in response to a crisis Companies that had a reputation for transparency were deemed more trustworthy than companies who didn’t one among the ways you’ll build a reputation for being transparent about your business practices is by managing and responding to reviews within the just-released 2019 Retail Reputation Report we learned that retailers aren’t responding to negative reviews response rates are a measly 2%.

When customers leave feedback don’t put your head within the sand Acknowledge the blunder and disclose your plans to right the incorrect Be proactive about collecting and analyzing customer feedback take action on what you discover and tell people about it

Also, it is vital that you simply not remove negative reviews in most cases — 95% of consumers doubt the validity of positive reviews once they don’t see any negative ones Get your social media ducks during a row Social media may be a great channel for proving to customers that you’re authentic and genuine in your desire to satisfy their needs and live up to your brand promises

Social media also provides a platform for showing your business’s human side and interest in meaningful ways with consumers Know who your followers are and confirm your posts and content align with their interests tune regularly to the conversations happening on social media channels and have interaction frequently.

3. Offer Quality Products or Services Only

This is an identity of what your brand stand for, that why it always recommended you perform market research to know about your targets customer needs and create products or services that can meet it.

Don’t advertise what your products or services don’t do or offer, Let them meet the products or services the way it was advertise, Customer don’t trust brand that deceive them,

Offering quality products or Services to customers will make them to engage more and become repeat Customers, Your Products or Services has a voice for your brand.

4. Respect Customers

This has nothing to do with the age or height of the customers, it always important you respect their time and decision of buying your products or services.

Showing respect to customer Prove you value them and that will make them feel important, that way they will trust your brand, JUST as Mohammad Sakhi Says “Respecting someone indicates the quality of your personality.”

5. Be Reachable

It very important to be reachable to customers, let them know how they can reach your brand through Office Address, Contact Pages on your Website and Social Media Pages.

This will make them feel safe about your brand, it also improve the rate customer interact with your brand, which will help in building long lasting customer relationship.

6. Provide Quick Customer Services

Are you the type that want customer trust & loyalty and also take hours to days before responding to customers inquiries or questions, then I must say you are joking with your business success in building customer trust & Loyalty.

Customer may want to ask for some inquiries or information, How fast do you respond back, When you fail to respond fast to them,they will feel disappointed, As human being can’t live without making mistake, this also happen in business but what matter is how you resolve it matter most.

7. Ask For Customer Feedback

Let them know you aren’t just after making sales, you are also interested to know if they are satisfied with what they buy. Listen and be open to al customers feedback .

The Feedback you get can be use to solve their dissatisfaction and give them a better experience, Customer trust businesses or brand that show interests in their opinion and satisfaction. This will also help in earning customer Loyalty.

8. Leave Testimonials

This has a great mind power in making customer make up decision to buy your products or services when they can read about existing customers testifying, BigCommerce Survey Shows that ” 72% of consumers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a brand more “,



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